The Original Nhil

Nhil is my dream-guy. No seriously, he is - I came up with the idea while asleep. I dreamt I was sitting in school, in band class, waiting for the last period of the day to end. I was drowsy and not paying much attention when suddenly the door slammed open with a bang and a tall, armor-clad figure stood there. He had long, flowing green hair, his ears were slightly pointed and he had a small horn growing from his head. On his face was a look of absolute rage. He stared straight at me with glowing green eyes and shouted ÒYOU! IT WAS YOU!Ó I was terrified, thinking that he was an alien, but I had to deal with it because I didnÕt want him to disturb the class more than he already had. ÒIÕll be right back,Ó I said and dashed out into the hall to speak with the strange being. He seemed furious, but for what reason I had no idea. Eventually It came out that I had said a certain combination of words (nothing out of the ordinary...I hadnÕt said anything strange that I could recall all morning. HavenÕt you ever had those dreams where you say something thatÕs supposed to be important or magical by accident?) that had summoned him from another world. ÒWhat are you?Ó I asked, with that he grabbed my arm and jumped out of a window, there was a moment of vertigo and then we were standing in my backyard, surrounded by trees. There he explained that he was a dragon. I didnÕt really question it - I shook his hand and told him I was pleased to meet him.

The rest of the dream was relatively uneventful. Nhil, who dispised humans, rarely came to school, but when he did he always ended up causing trouble. He would just show up at random intervals. He was ten times stronger than most humans, and could jump extremely high. I remember him observing a human gym class with scorn from high up on the bleachers. He had a quick temper and he almost killed a male classmate of mine. He would have snapped his neck if I hadnÕt talked him out of it. In fact, he was the most difficult person - moody, sarcastic, sulking, violent, arrogant. I guess that I hated him, but I was constantly trying to earn his respect. As for romance, there was none! (that is one of the major differences between the Nhil of the comic and the original). The best I could say was I was the only human he spoke too or hung around with, but I got the impression that that was solely because he believed I had knowlege of magic. He was handsome, but frightening. The irises of his eyes glowed green and his skin was smooth and pale, almost greyish. He smelled faintly of ashes, but when he got angry, there was a smell like burning rubber and you knew youÕd better run. His body temperature was higher than a fever, and shaking his hand felt like touching a hot coffee cup. He was in the habit of sleeping up in the branches of a walnut tree in the backyard and when you looked out the back window at night you could see two glowing eyes high up in the dark. I think the strangest thing about the dream is that I donÕt think he ever turned into a dragon-like-dragon throughout the whole dream. People just knew what he was anyway.

Even though Nhil-the-comic is heavily based on Nhil from the dream, he is very different. He looks similar in character design, with slightly different hair and no horn, and maybe heÕs a little bit shorter and less muscular/more slender. His ears look different - more like Tenchi MuyoÕs Ryoko maybe - whereas before they were more elfin. I couldnÕt remember the exact shape of the strange rune painted on his forehead, but it was close. The scale armor is the same. Personality wise though, he is a lot nicer (although some of the old jerk still shines through) and as the series progresses he becomes closer to Jane. He transforms into a real dragon (You know, IÕve never read the Dragon Lance books. Are they good? My cousin tells me that they have dragons that have humanoid form. I read some short stories like that.). Jane is different from myself...she is quieter, calmer, she goes to private school and she is an only child with working parents. However, she is very adaptable and rolls with the punches. I think I am probably more like her sarcastic friend Miranda, the anime fan, only a little more shy.

Oh Yeah. And before, there was never a cat boy! I just put him in for kicks. Why not?